Join the M-Sec Project in the official launching of the IoT Marketplace for secure hyper-connected smart city data

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Join the M-Sec Project in the official launching of the IoT Marketplace for secure hyper-connected smart city data

Want to know more about M-Sec’s IoT marketplace: how to join, participate and exchange data in it? Then join us on 8 July at 9am CET/Brussels Time and ask all your questions

One of the expected results of the M-Sec Project is to define, design and implement a novel IoT marketplace where users can exchange IoT sensor data and media easily, securely and with complete anonymity through the use of virtual currencies. It allows real-time matching of supply and demand, enabling the creation of liquid markets with profitable business models of the IoT stakeholders. IoT devices and humans using mobile applications and APIs are able to exchange data and value through the M-Sec blockchain-based implementations.

The specific marketplace will be piloted through a cross-border trial (Use Case 5) between Santander (Spain) and Fujisawa (Japan) cities, thus validating the interoperability, efficiency and data protection principles that are in the core of the M-Sec project. We spoke with M-Sec researchers that are currently working on the implementation of Use Case 5 to learn more about the future M-Sec Project IoT Marketplace. According to them, the “IoT Marketplace implements a platform to assist the exchange of IoT devices data, as well as media, between registered users from all over the world. It is accessible through its web browser and API endpoints and the data exchanged can be distributed on off-chain and on-chain databases”. But what is the added-value? The Marketplace provides end users, IoT devices and applications with IoT data transfer in a scalable and secure manner. The role of the marketplace is to enable them to securely communicate one another and exchange data, based on web interfaces and smart contracts running on Blockchain. In fact, Secure Marketplace systems in the M-Sec solution guarantees authenticity of IoT data exchange that is critical for people to make proper decisions on their behavior. Such authentic IoT data will be exchanged, and provided to people by a range of smart city services, including those for environmental conditions, human health, safety, convenience, etc.

The major challenge of the Marketplace is to transfer the data securely from one end, by expanding the smart contract functionalities, exploiting the potential of Quorum blockchain platforms for privacy & security and securing anonymity over a decentralized network. The Marketplace will test innovative methods to increase its security while at the same time it is scalable to let it grow by the hand of future advances to cope with new functional and non-functional requirements raised by new demands for hyper-connected smart city services.

Take a closer look at the research conducted and the activities held in order to achieve this project result and join us on 8 July at 9am CET/Brussels Time, for the official launching of the M-Sec Project Marketplace. This Webinar will introduce the state of art of a secure Marketplace based on Blockchain technology for hyper-connected smart city services and our researchers are seeking feedback of different stakeholders and future collaboration with them to continue on its development.

Curious? Registration is free-of-charge, but mandatory. The Webinar will be held on Zoom (you can access here).

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