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M-Sec project has come to an end. What’s next and how can you get involved?

M-Sec project has come to an end. What’s next and how can you get involved?

M-Sec project provides a secure end to end framework based on advanced techniques, methods, and design as well as operating principles that minimize the risk of suffering from critical vulnerabilities in the IoT ecosystem. The project offers tools and components, most of them open source, that protect IoT devices from malware through intrusion detection mechanisms and vulnerability detection systems, authentication of parties, encryption of data, attestation of devices, anonymization of data sources, personal data removal contained in images or streaming videos using, secure data storage combining onchain and offchain thanks to the use of blockchain, as well as mechanisms to analyze security requirements and eliminate both human errors in designing application logic along with a wide number of tests performed to verify the security level, and more.

On top of the M-Sec framework, and in order to validate the technological and secure components developed, the consortium has built new IoT applications that have been tested across two smart cities; Fujisawa and Santander, each recognized having already developed a long-term smart city approach. 

As you know, on September 2021 the M-Sec project has come to an end. We invite you to explore the openly available project resources. For instance, you can find easy access to:

Thank you for having followed the M-Sec developments and activities!

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