Recap M-Sec’s Webinar on IoT Marketplace for secure hyper-connected city data

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Recap M-Sec’s Webinar on IoT Marketplace for secure hyper-connected city data

On the 8th of July, M-Sec EU partner ICCS presented the main results achieved so far regarding the Marketplace of the M-Sec solution. Take a sneak peek at what was discussed

On the 8th of July, at 9am CET (Brussels Time), M-Sec EU partner ICCS held a Webinar entitled “IoT Marketplace for secure hyper-connected city data”, with the main goal of launching the M-Sec Marketplace, where users can exchange IoT sensor data and media easily, securely and with complete anonymity through the use of virtual currencies.

The Webinar was presented by , Reasearch Engineers from ICCS. The main focus was on the state of the art of building a secure Marketplace based on blockchain technology for hyper-connected smart city services and our researchers were seeking feedback from different stakeholders and future collaboration opportunities with them to continue on with the Marketplace development. The specific Marketplace will be piloted through a cross-border trial (Use Case 5) between Santander (Spain) and Fujisawa (Japan) cities, thus validating the interoperability, efficiency and data protection principles that are in the core of the M-Sec project.

The major challenge of the M-Sec Marketplace is to transfer the data securely from one end to the other, by expanding the smart contract functionalities, exploiting the potential of Quorum blockchain platforms for privacy & security and securing anonymity over a decentralized network. The M-Sec Marketplace will thus test innovative methods to increase its security while at the same time it is scalable to let it grow by the hand of future advances to cope with new functional and non-functional requirements raised by new demands for hyper-connected smart city services.

Curious about the M-Sec Marketplace?!

Whether you did not have the chance to watch the Webinar or you enjoyed it so much that you want to go for it a second time, here is the recording of the event: