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M-Sec Online Contest


Do you have an innovative business idea that addresses one of our city challenges? Are you interested in security and privacy issues of IoT devices and apps?

Apply by 26 August 5pm CET/Brussels Time to participate at our 5 days online contest (between 6 and 10 September 2021) and get the chance to design, develop and present your business idea before a panel of international experts.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Update: applications are now closed.

The M-Sec online contest intends to be a space in which developers, entrepreneurs, startups, data scientists, University students, research community and persons interested in making their city a better place can gather to develop, in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way, a business idea that makes our cities more efficient, intelligent, sustainable, and secure.

Participants must be, at least, a team of 3 members and put together a business idea that addresses a city challenge and uses the M-Sec framework as a security and privacy element of that business case. The main goal is to leverage the M-Sec framework and, at the same time, provide other business models and use cases where M-Sec can be used, to make cities smarter and more cyber secure.

The Online Contest will take place between 6 and 10 September 2021. It is a completely free event in which teams are expected to receive support in the design and development of their new and early-stage business ideas, helping them better prepare to present the idea to a panel of international experts, who will decide the top 3 winners of each city challenge.

Hurry up and apply with your business idea by 26 August 5pm CET/Brussels Time as only the 1st 20 teams who submit an application will be selected!



M-Sec will support the top 3 winners of each challenge in maturing and refining their ideas into tangible business solutions

Online or face-to-face meeting with representatives of the city challenges

Possibility to meet with city council representatives to present the business idea and potentially implement it

5 dedicated 1-hour sessions (of personalised online technical assistance and business mentoring)

M-Sec will support the top 3 winners from each city challenge in maturing and refining their ideas through 5 dedicated sessions, and depending on the awarded business ideas, make available materials and tools to support their materialisation. These sessions aim to help winners turn their ideas into tangible business solutions and better prepare to present the idea to city challenge representatives

Visibility of the business idea and of the team

Award contestants will be provided with visibility and exposure of their business ideas through M-Sec’s main communication channels (i.e., featured article, social media, etc.)

City challenges

Santander, Spain

A better city for the elderly

Challenge description: The population of cities is ageing rapidly and there is a need to provide solutions to the problems of the elderly, such as isolation in their homes, poor social relations, lack of physical activity, urban mobility difficulties or barriers, and so on. The challenge is to propose a business idea that helps address one or more of senior’s citizens problems.

Fujisawa, Japan

Improving the efficiency of road administration

Challenge description: Propose a business idea on how to prioritize the maintenance and repair of city-managed roads in an efficient manner. Ideas for maintenance/repair/renewal of sewers, parks, or playground equipment are also welcome.

Who and how to participate?

  • Teams with a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5 members

  • Teams from all sources, sectors and all types of organisations and people

  • Established or from an EU Member State or H2020 Associated Country or Japan

  • Teams must submit an original innovative and relevant business idea, addressing one of the city challenges

  • Teams must also consider the use and integration of the M-Sec framework as part of the business case, to address security and privacy concerns related to the city challenge

  • Business ideas should be at concept phase. However, more advanced stages of implementation (e.g., prototyping, implementation) are also welcomed

  • Business ideas must be based on the (future) development of an original software (web/mobile app) and/or hardware (sensors, cameras) solution that solves one of the city challenges

Relevant documents

M-Sec Online Contest Hanbook

Guidelines for applicants, to read carefully before submitting your application

M-Sec White Paper

Report that explains the problems M-Sec tries to address (to help you understand how you could integrate the M-Sec framework in your business idea)

M-Sec Cookbook

Report that explains the technical components behind M-Sec (to help you understand how you could integrate the M-Sec framework in your business idea)

M-Sec Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas template that you will need to fill in, with the support of your M-Sec mentor, which will be the basis of your pitch presentation

M-Sec PowerPoint

PowerPoint template which you will need to fill in with the support of your M-Sec mentor and present on the 10th of September before the international panel of experts

Meet our challenge winners


Using AI, Ruddy helps consumers develop a well-balanced diet based on their health, daily physical movements, location, goals and lifestyle


An app that helps the elderly to remain fit and healthy while facilitating the behaviors that helps the environment, e.g., use water or energy more mindfully

Super Cute

HyperGate, a large screened device immersive experience of communication with friends and family members


A framework for measuring, rewarding and reporting


Road maintenance using blockchain tools: an app through which citizens are rewarded to post road damage images

City Smart Waste

A web-app for municipalities/waste management companies to see and overview the process and a mobile app used by the waste collectors in order to see and follow the route provided for them

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