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One of the expected results of M-Sec is to define, design and implement a novel marketplace where smart objects can exchange information, energy and services through the use of virtual currencies, allowing real-time matching of supply and demand, enabling the creation of liquid markets with profitable business models of the IoT stakeholders.

The specific marketplace will be piloted through a cross-border trial (Use Case 5) between Santander (Spain) and Fujisawa (Japan) cities, thus validating the interoperability, efficiency and data protection principles that are in the core of the M-Sec project.

Take a closer look at the research conducted and the activities held in order to achieve this project result.

Main features of the M-Sec Marketplace

The M-Sec marketplace will be an innovative and open IoT market of applications, data and services that:

Provides the framework upon which objects and people can exchange value

This value will be in the form of virtual currencies, for assets (data and services) received.

Defines the motivation incentives

According to social and business context for humans and smart objects to interact.

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