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What does it mean to be a ‘citizen as sensor’?

From graffiti, to broken pavements, to left rubbish/trash, there can be many problems that pop-up in shared public spaces, especially in large cities. In many countries, local governments and authorities rely on traditional ways of receiving feedback from citizens, as well as from their own workforce, on the state of the city. These processes are […]

Will you be at these autumn/winter 2019 events? Let’s connect!

The partners behind M-Sec project come from a range of organisations, including companies, universities, and local government bodies, and are based all over Europe (Greece, France, Spain, Portugal) and Japan. This geographic and organisational diversity means that representatives of our M-Sec project will be attending many different events across the world throughout the next few […]

“M-Sec will open a marketplace where people can exchange data, services & IoT devices through virtual currencies”: Interview with Vanessa Clemente, M-Sec EU coordinator

Vanessa Clemente is from Worldline, the European coordinating partner behind the M-Sec project. In this short interview, we sat down with Vanessa to dive deeper into what are the goals of M-Sec project, how Worldline co-ordinates the 12 partner organisations that are behind the project, and to find out more about the development of the […]