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M-Sec Architecture

Simplified view of M-Sec architecture Application Layer Application layer defines all the use the IoT technology or in which IoT has deployed Eclipse sensiNact Studio Eclipse sensiNact Studio SensiNact is designed to allow platforms to interoperate, thus coexist and benefit from the richness of the variety. Additionally, it provides a fine grained security mechanism to […]

All about the M-Sec Webinar on Use Cases Overview

On the 1st of July, M-Sec organized a Webinar on its 5 Use Cases in order to disseminate the project’s results achieved so far and engage stakeholders towards the adoption and/or development through project findings. In this engaging Webinar, participants had the chance to learn more about the following 5 Use Cases: Use Case 1: […]

Women in M-Sec

My fellow project members suggested that we should have a post on international women day highlighting the importance of the day in the context of M-Sec. Challenge accepted. Let me start with a disclaimer related with personal life. The chain of command in my family is as follows: Daughter, Son, cat (female), wife, dog (male), […]