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Webinar – M-Sec project overview

M-Sec is developing an end to end secure IoT framework that allows the transfer of personal data without additional safeguards between the EU and Japan. M-Sec complies with GDPR, PIPA ,the Adequacy Agreement between EU&JP. and will be validated through its two crossborder use cases. In this webinar Vanessa Clemente Núñez, from Worldline, the M-Sec […]

“We are aiming for a platform of services and tools which will enhance the privacy and security of communication in the future hyper-connected smart cities”: Interview with Antonis Litke, M-Sec partner

Antonis Litke is a Senior Research Engineer at ICCS, part of the National Technical University of Athens, and a technical partner on the M-Sec project. We caught up with Antonis to get up to speed on their latest developments in blockchain applications, how their work fits within the wider M-Sec framework at what the associated […]

Will you be at these autumn/winter 2019 events? Let’s connect!

The partners behind M-Sec project come from a range of organisations, including companies, universities, and local government bodies, and are based all over Europe (Greece, France, Spain, Portugal) and Japan. This geographic and organisational diversity means that representatives of our M-Sec project will be attending many different events across the world throughout the next few […]

“M-Sec will open a marketplace where people can exchange data, services & IoT devices through virtual currencies”: Interview with Vanessa Clemente, M-Sec EU coordinator

Vanessa Clemente is from Worldline, the European coordinating partner behind the M-Sec project. In this short interview, we sat down with Vanessa to dive deeper into what are the goals of M-Sec project, how Worldline co-ordinates the 12 partner organisations that are behind the project, and to find out more about the development of the […]

M-Sec joins discussions on innovation with the EU, Japan and Korea

M-Sec networked and shared ideas with similar cross-border initiatives at the session at the session ‘EU, Japan and Korea collaboration for breakthrough innovation’. Europe, Japan and Korea are strategic partners to address the world’s current challenges such as global warming, economic crisis, security threats, inequality, natural disasters and ageing society. On 3 December, professionals from […]

The M-Sec partners meet for the first time in person!

After weeks of working online and via digital platforms, on 16-18 October 2018, the European and Japanese partners behind M-Sec finally met in person for the first time in Barcelona. M-Sec project, an initiative which aims to create IoT, blockchain, big data and cloud computing solution for smart cities, is run by partners based in […]