M-Sec final review meeting has come to an end. It’s a wrap and a successful one!

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M-Sec final review meeting has come to an end. It’s a wrap and a successful one!

The final review meeting of the M-Sec project took place online yesterday. Unfortunately, current covid-19 constraints did not allow the consortium to join together one last time before the project’s end, and celebrate in great style the end of an amazing and extremely rewarding chapter that was the implementation of the M-Sec project.

The objectives of this final review meeting were to establish the degree to which the work plan had been carried out over the course of the final year of the project, whether the project objectives for this final year (and overall project) had been successfully achieved and with what impact, as well as analyze the deliverables completed and the potential exploitation activities that the consortium could carry out after the project’s end for M-Sec’s long-term sustainability.

The final review meeting was attended by all M-Sec partners, who also met online the day before for a complete rehearsal meeting. Everything was set for the project’s results and achievements to shine and we could not be prouder of the amazing work done for the past 3 years and the impact the M-Sec framework had throughout those years.

We leave, but this is no goodbye from our side, as the European and Japanese partners of the M-Sec consortium for sure will come back with more news on upcoming activities and initiatives to pick up on the good results achieved, that aimed at making sure hyper-connected smart cities, in which million of IoT devices and people exchange data every day, are safer and more cyber-secure! See you soon!

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