M-Sec highlighted by Cyberwatching.eu, in an effort to democratize cyber-security for all

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M-Sec highlighted by Cyberwatching.eu, in an effort to democratize cyber-security for all

As part of the Cyberwatching.eu network, M-Sec was chosen as “Project of the Week” in an effort to further promote cyber-security and privacy projects in the EU. Want to know more about this network and its importance for M-Sec? Read the full article

The Cyberwatching.eu is the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cyber-security and privacy. Funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, this recent initiative will contribute to making the Digital Single Market a safer place by promoting cyber-security and privacy solutions. Its major mission is to democratize cyber-security for all.

In this sense, it is not difficult to understand what M-Sec and Cyberwatching.eu have in common. The first one is a perfect example of a project that is trying to develop a framework that provides security and integrity of data traffic, end to end, from the device to the cloud and to the application in a secure and transparent way, while the second one aims at promoting such cutting-edge cyber-security and privacy R&I initiatives across Europe.

One of Cyberwatching.eu’s initiatives to promote such projects is the “Project of the Week“. This initiative aims to promote the European Commission funded project results, outputs, news and upcoming events of over 200 R&I cyber-security and privacy projects, and as a result, increase the projects visibility to the Cyberwatching.eu community and the European Commission, as well as other affiliations. Last week, M-Sec was on the spotlight as “Project of the Week”, giving the project the opportunity to showcase the main results achieved so far.

We could not have been more excited with this opportunity to be part of such a dynamic project and network and look forward to contribute and participate in future discussions and events promoted by cyberwatching.eu.

Take a look at M-Sec’s profile page and read our “Project of the Week” article at cyberwatching.eu.