Successful M-Sec Review Meeting in Tokyo

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Successful M-Sec Review Meeting in Tokyo

The first review meeting of the M-Sec project took place in Tokyo on 18 September of 2019, at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) premises.

The objectives of the review meeting were to establish the degree to which the work plan had been carried out over the course of the first project year, whether project objectives were still relevant, as well as analyse the deliverables completed and the expected potential scientific, technological, economic and social impacts.

The review meeting was attended by all M-Sec partners, who met the day before for a complete rehearsal meeting.

Review Rehearsal meeting on 17 September

Review meeting on 18 September

Review meeting on 18 September


The upcoming M-Sec meeting will take place in Santander, Spain, in October 2019.


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M-Sec is a EU-Japan collaboration which stands for “Multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyperconnected smart cities with Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud and IoT”.

The main goal of M-Sec project is to research, develop, deploy and demonstrate multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyper connected smart cities and empower IoT stakeholders with an innovative platform which leverages blockchain, BigData, Cloud and IoT security, upon which they can build innovative smart city applications.