Join the M-Sec and Fed4IoT projects joint final event and recap our main achievements

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Join the M-Sec and Fed4IoT projects joint final event and recap our main achievements

The M-Sec and Fed4IoT projects will organize next Wednesday 29th of September 2021 at 09h00-11h00am CET (Brussels Time) its joint final project event on “Advanced technologies for hyper-connected societies”.

Sister-projects, both M-Sec and Fed4IoT aimed at research, develop and test advanced technologies combining security, IoT, cloud and BigData, and interoperable technologies of IoT devices/platforms in the context of smart cities.

During this event, attendees will have the opportunity to listen first-hand about the projects’ main achievements and results from project partners, who will explain in detail their 3 years research and use cases implementation, as real examples of applications and success regarding the implementation of solutions that improve trust, security, and privacy in the use of IoT devices and applications, particularly in hyper-connected smart cities.

The event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. It will be held online, through Zoom.


Welcome and technical details | Nadine Teles, F6S

Opening remarks | Vanessa Clemente Nunez, WLI & Hidenori Nakazato, Waseda University

The M-Sec Project: main goals and results | Vanessa Clemente Nunez, WLI & Antonis Litke, ICCS & Akira Tsuge, Keio University

Examples of real use cases of the M-Sec framework:

  • Use Case 1 > Alberto Puras, TST
  • Use Case 2 > Vanessa Clemente Nunez, WLI
  • Use Case 3 > Jin Nakasawa, Keio University
  • Use Case 4 > Tadashi Okoshi, Keio University
  • Use Case 5 > Antonis Litke, ICCS

Santander and Fujisawa smart cities and M-Sec | Sonia Sotero Muniz, Santander Municipality & Tatsuo Fukuda, Fujisawa Municipality

The Fed4IoT Project: main goals and results | Andrea Detti, CNIT

Examples of real use cases of the Fed4IoT framework:

  • Use Case 1 > Juan Andres Sanchez, Odins
  • Use Case 2 > Kenji Kanai, Waseda University
  • Use Case 3 > Gilles Orazi, EGM
  • Use Case 4 > Tetsuya Yokotani, KIT

Closing session | Keiko Doguchi, NTTE & Andrea Detti, CNIT

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