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All about the M-Sec Webinar on data security & privacy in modern smart cities

All about the M-Sec Webinar on data security & privacy in modern smart cities

On November 18th, all eyes were on the M-Sec Webinar that further explored the results achieved in the cloud layer of the M-Sec solution

On the 18th of November, at 9am CET (Brussels time), M-Sec’s Webinar Managing data security and privacy in smart cities through cloud systems took place. This Webinar was held as part of a set of webinars that try to explain the progress of the M-sec project after two years of intensive research on how the M-Sec architecture could better solve security challenges in hyper-connected smart cities.

After two Webinars dedicated to the IoT and the Middleware layer of the M-Sec solution, this one focused on the Cloud layer. This international event was attended by experts from two different parts of the world: Aamir Bokhari, M-Sec Lead Researcher at Yokohama National University (YNU) and Francisco J. Hermoso, Full Stack Engineer at Worldline. Our two guest speakers presented fact-based objective information on how we can get the main data security and privacy to different layers of clouds that are available.

During the event, it became clear that as the migration to urban hubs continues, cities will need to become more efficient in order to keep up with the surging population. Thus, smart cities will start to become the norm around the world, as the almost everything is now connected to the Internet. The utilization of IoT devices thus generates the need of processing and analyzing the huge amount of data that is created inside a smart city context, in order to provide the population with more and improved public policies (based on a more informed decision-making process). Therefore, a cloud-based system plays a crucial part as these are the “distribution centres” that score and process big data.

In the end, the main question was how can we get the data security and privacy in a cloud system? According to our experts, the answer is the M-Sec technological solution, as it ensures that data security and privacy is protected from end-to-end. Therefore, to ensure the users of the M-Sec solution the trust that they need, based on a set of threads identified, our researchers looked at the challenges related with the current cloud infrastructure to approach security and data privacy challenges in the cloud and make sure that the M-Sec solution approached them. Based on that, the Crypto Companion Database (CCDB) was presented, a tool integrated in the M-Sec solution that tries to tackle these challenges, and a real-life example related with the growing elderly people was presented on how this tool is gathering data while at the same time ensuring its security and privacy. Finally, a monitoring and visualization tool was also presented, as an interesting way of looking at the data collected.

What a great event this was! Whether you did not have the chance to watch the Webinar or you enjoyed it so much that you want to go for it a second time, here is the recording of the event:

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