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The M-Sec partners meet for the first time in person!

The M-Sec partners meet for the first time in person!

After weeks of working online and via digital platforms, on 16-18 October 2018, the European and Japanese partners behind M-Sec finally met in person for the first time in Barcelona.

M-Sec project, an initiative which aims to create IoT, blockchain, big data and cloud computing solution for smart cities, is run by partners based in many places across the globe. Until this point, the individual companies, universities, local government bodies and organisations working together on this project had only met online via video conference call.

Many partners travelled all the way from Japan to make the meeting, with others flying from other locations within Europe such as Greece, Portugal and France. Representatives included a number of professionals from different sectors, including researchers, PhD students and project managers, bringing a wide scope of experience to the meeting.

At the meeting, the partners (who you can read more about here) were able to present themselves in person and solidify the work that had been completed up until now on their collective IoT, cloud computing, blockchain and big data solutions for smart cities. It was also a chance to participate in in-depth and dynamic group discussions facilitated by each partner’s presence.

In particular, the partners discussed in detail the use cases (or research pilot studies) which M-Sec will work on in both Fuijsawa, Japan, and Santander, Spain. From creating apps that monitor the health and social wellbeing of the elderly populations, to monitoring rubbish collection, to creating playable city games, you can read more about the M-Sec uses cases here.

The technology behind the Use Cases was even showcased in person, with partners bringing elements of the devices to be used for feedback from the group.

Finally, the organisation, data protection, security and communications of the project were discussed.

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