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Will you be at these autumn/winter 2019 events? Let’s connect!

Will you be at these autumn/winter 2019 events? Let’s connect!

The partners behind M-Sec project come from a range of organisations, including companies, universities, and local government bodies, and are based all over Europe (Greece, France, Spain, Portugal) and Japan.

This geographic and organisational diversity means that representatives of our M-Sec project will be attending many different events across the world throughout the next few years. In the first year of M-Sec we have already met many of you at these events, and throughout the rest of 2019 we will be taking part in tech conferences, smaller workshops and research-based events.

In particular, you can catch us at these events throughout the summer, autumn and winter. Send us an email to hello@msecproject.eu to connect with us and arrange a 1:1 meeting at the event. We will always be glad to meet with you and look forward to hearing about your projects and finding ways to collaborate.

Soft-Landing Boston
23-29 June 2019
Where? Boston, United States
What is it? Workshop to help European innovators expand their projects to the United States
Which partner is attending? F6S
What will M-Sec do there? M-Sec Partner F6S will be available for meetings with potential new partners in Boston during this time.

GECON 2019
When? 17 ‘ 19 September 2019
Where? Leeds, UK
What is it? 16th International Conference on the Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services
Which partner is attending? ICCS
What will M-Sec do there? ICCS will present a scientific paper, entitled “Paper on Blockchain, consensus algorithms and media experiences”, resulting from research undergone within the M-Sec project.

ICT Proposer’s Day
19 ‘ 20 September 2019
Where? Helsinki
What is it?
A conference organised by the European Commission, showcasing digital excellence
Which partner will be attending?
What will M-Sec do there? M-Sec will present the project to a number of stakeholders, and will be free for 1:1 meetings.

Keio SFC Open Research Forum 2019
https://orf.sfc.keio.ac.jp/2018/en (last year’s website)
When? Nov. 22, 23
Where? Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
What is it? SFC Keio, a partner of M-Sec, holds the SFC Open Research Forum every year, presenting their results far and wide to all of society. In this forum, future prospects and results of many ongoing research projects at SFC are introduced to industries, national and local governments through exhibitions and sessions.
Which partner is attending? SFC Keio
What will M-Sec do there? M-Sec will be present to speak to local actors about the project

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