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All about the M-Sec Webinar on Use Cases Overview

All about the M-Sec Webinar on Use Cases Overview

On the 1st of July, M-Sec organized a Webinar on its 5 Use Cases in order to disseminate the project’s results achieved so far and engage stakeholders towards the adoption and/or development through project findings.

In this engaging Webinar, participants had the chance to learn more about the following 5 Use Cases:

  • Use Case 1: Secured IoT devices to enrich strolls across smart city parks
  • Use Case 2: Home monitoring security system for ageing people
  • Use Case 3: Secure and trustworthy mobile sensing platform
  • Use Case 4: Secure affective participatory sensing of city events
  • Use Case 5: Smart city data marketplace with secure multi-layer technologies

Did you miss the Webinar and wish to know more about how innovative technological solutions may help you when performing your daily routines, such as going for a stroll, hanging out with your friends or taking care of your loved ones?

Watch the Webinar’s video recording below:

Stay tuned for more Webinars by checking the M-Sec website section Events and follow us on social media:
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