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M-Sec Replication Plan


One of the expected results of M-Sec is to develop a parameterized model (according to social-economic contexts, smart city IoT infrastructure and business purpose, as well as utilization models of smart objects/devices) on how to replicate the M-Sec approach further and guarantee its return of investment and benefits.

Take a closer look at the research conducted and the activities held in order to achieve this project result.

How will M-Sec achieve this result

M-Sec Replication Plan result will be achieved through 2 main activities:

Dissemination of M-Sec's White Paper and Cookbook

While the White Paper introduces the overall M-Sec architecture, the Cookbook is a practical guide for IoT developers to replicate the M-Sec solution.

Use Cases Business Model Canvas

Each M-Sec Use Case will provide a Business Model accompanied by a financial analysis that will prove the sustainability of the M-Sec approach across various socio-economic contexts.

Interested in knowing more on how to develop secure and reliable applications for the smart city context?

Read our M-Sec White Paper and Cookbook

Take a look at M-Sec's Business Model Canvas

Review M-Sec's Use Cases Business Model Canvas

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