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M-Sec Smart City Ecosystem


One of the expected results of M-Sec is to create a sustainable ecosystem of stakeholders, roles, tools and infrastructures upon which new entrants (e.g., startups, SMEs) and other players (e.g., developer communities, students, entrepreneurs) can build and experiment with the hyper-connected smart city applications

Take a closer look at the research conducted and the activities held in order to achieve this project result.

How will M-Sec achieve this result

M-Sec Smart City Ecosystem result will be achieved through 4 main activities:

M-Sec Slack community

The project has created a Slack channel in order to directly engage with its community of relevant stakeholders (developers, IoT infrastructure providers, public authorities, citizens, etc.), maximize the visibility of the published results and monitor the feedbacks regarding the project activities.

F6S IoT Group

M-Sec will engage with the existing F6S IoT Group of +6.950 startups/SMEs in order to post and exchange information and invite for the project events relevant to the ecosystem.

M-Sec partnerships & online communities

Throughout the project life-cycle, M-Sec will partner with several other European and international projects, initiatives and organizations, so as to further promote its results and events to a broader network.

M-Sec online contest (hackathon)

M-Sec will launch an online event (i.e., hackathon) to engage industrial and academic sectors towards the adoption and/or development through project findings.

Catch up with M-Sec relevant external partnerships

M-Sec online contest

M-Sec key ecosystem players

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