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M-Sec IoT Infrastructure


One of the expected results of M-Sec is to have distributed, robust and trusted smart city platforms, based on IoT, cloud, Big Data and blockchain technologies, that empower IoT stakeholders to develop, deploy and operate novel multipurpose IoT applications for smart cities on top of smart objects.

The specific infrastructure paradigm is being piloted in real-life smart city contexts in Santander (Spain) and Fujisawa (Japan) cities through 5 Use Cases.

Take a closer look at the research conducted and the activities held in order to achieve this project result.

How will M-Sec achieve this result

M-Sec IoT Infrastructure result will be achieved through 4 main activities:

Simplified view of M-Sec architecture

With a simplified view of M-Sec’s multilayered architecture, the project will be able to easily explain and present its approach to a broader technical and non-technical audience

M-Sec community webinars on architecture layers

M-Sec intends to organize a series of community webinars to better explain each layer of the M-Sec’s architecture to a broader audience, both from the industry and the academia, as well as to the common citizen

M-Sec Use Cases implementation

The M-Sec architecture will be piloted in a real-life environment, through a set of 5 Use Cases in Santander (Spain) and Fujisawa (Japan) cities

M-Sec Use Cases dissemination activities

The status of the implementation of M-Sec Use Cases will be monitored by the project and main achievements and results will be disseminated to a broader audience, through a series of blogposts and videos

Simplified view of M-Sec's architecture

Application layer defines all the use the IoT technology or in
which IoT has deployed
sensiNact Studio
Eclipse sensiNact Studio
SensiNact is designed to allow platforms to interoperate, thus coexist and benefit from the richness of the variety. Additionally, it provides a fine grained security mechanism to allow access to services by only authenticated and authorized entities
Security Analysis Tool & Development Method for a secure service A security requirements modelling support system, for a misuse case diagram that enables the association of security knowledge with elements that constitute the diagram.
Modal Transition System Analyser A development tool for synthesizing behaviour specification for reactive systems with formal guarantee.
IoT Marketplace The M-Sec IoT Marketplace is a novel Marketplace where smart objects and users can exchange information and services through the use of virtual currencies, allowing real-time matching of supply and demand, and thus enabling the creation of liquid markets with profitable business models of the IoT stakeholders.
Cloud layer includes all the infrastructure upon which cloud services are based
& Visualisation Tool
Monitoring & Visualisation Tool A software-based solution that collects and examines activity from IoT layer or agents embedded in the IoT gateway devices. This tool not only help with the security health checks by providing insight into how the security is being maintained at IoT gateways, but also helps in further analysis of devices under attack. Thereby, providing 24/7 security threat monitoring and alerts.
Companion DB
Crypto Companion Database> As the real world matches the digital world, ensuring that information remains secure, private and authentic has become an ongoing challenge. Using blockchain technology, some of the issues can be addressed. However, once data is stored on the blockchain it can't be manipulated or altered. Our companion database is proposed as a parallel system to the blockchain for the encrypted storage. The blockchain saves a hash created from sensitive or personal data, and the companion database stores the sensitive data encrypted together with the hash.
Middleware layer includes the infrastructure needed for both Peer-to-Peer and IoT-to-Cloud approaches
sensiNact platform
Eclipse sensiNact platform SensiNact is designed to allow platforms to interoperate, thus coexist and benefit from the richness of the variety. Additionally, it provides a fine grained security mechanism to allow access to services by only authenticated and authorized entities.
Secure SOXFire SOXFire can provide practical distributed and federated infrastructure for IoT sensor data sharing among various users/organisations in a way that is scalable, extensible, easy to use and secure, while preserving privacy.
Quorum Blockchain
Blockchain middleware
Quorum Blockchain Blockchain middleware A distributed ledger and middleware services system which provides all the necessary groundwork for security/privacy-enhancing services related to transactions and interactions between actors of various ecosystems.
T&R Model
Trust & Reputation Model/Engine The Trust & Reputation
Management Engine (T&RM Engine) is a tool working on top of the M-Sec
blockchain/Marketplace and in parallel with the corresponding
middleware so as to provide a ranking system assessing the
reliability, trustworthiness and reputation of resources providers
within the MSec ecosystem.
IoT Layer includes all the devices, sensors, and their
corresponding low-level networks that are met in IoT ecosystems
Secured components
for devices
Secured components for devices A secure element, such as a
TPM, is added to the physical platform, It is used to store any
sensitive information that shall be protected from people having
physical Access to the electronics, such as IoT devices and gateways.
The secure element handles the integrity of the device during the
boot process and also handles the authentication and encryption for
external communication channels.
Detection System
Intrusion Detection System Protect vulnerable IoT devices from
malicious activities using defense-in-depth mechanisms and threat
monitoring, thereby providing multi-layered security against policy
violations and cyber attacks, along with security health-checks
GanonymizerIn situations where video data is used in various
IoT application use cases such as smart cities, personal information
is often a problem. GANonymizer is a technology that automatically
deletes personal information contained in such videos using AI
Cross layer is the layer that provides services to all the horizontal layers.
Management Tool
Security Management Tool A set of centralized security
functions that are necessary to ensure end-to-end security, privacy
and therefore digital trust. It is designed to support several
security functionalities aggregated in a single backend using the
LDAP standard. The central element for the security manager is a
directory service containing all information to manage security
services for clients, such services known as AAA for Authentication,
Accounting and Authorization.
Development & Design Tools
Development & Design Tools Functional Group ...
Devices Security
Devices Security Functional Group...
Secure City Data Acc
Secure City Data Access Functional Group...
IoT Marketplace
IoT Marketplace Functional Group...
Secured&Trusted Storage
Secured & Trusted Storage Functional Group...
Privacy Management
Privacy Management Functional Group...
End-to-End Security
End-to-End Security FG...
End-to-End Security
End-to-End Security FG...
Layered Layered architecture patterns are n-tiered patterns
where the components are organized in horizontal layers. This is the
traditional method for designing most software and is meant to be
self-independent. This means that all the components are
interconnected but do not depend on each other.
Functional Group
Functional Groups represents a reusable, functional, identifiable part of the
whole framework that provides a set of functionalities based on the combination of other components.
Component represents a smaller functional part that in a combination with other components,
introduce the functional group component. A component is an self-contained software which can
communicate with other components. In this representation a component can also represent a set of components. We are not representing interfaces and connectors.
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Interested in knowing more about M-Sec’s architecture layers?

Watch the video recordings of our community webinars held between October 2020 and February 2021

Application Layer

28 October 2020

Middleware Layer

11 November 2020

Cloud Layer

18 November 2020

IoT Layer

2 December 2020

Cross Layer

10 February 2020

Catch up with M-Sec Use Cases implementation

Use Case 4 · Secure Affective Participatory Sensing of City Events (Fujisawa & Santander)

Overall description Use Case 4 explores the possibility of secure sharing on citizens’ affective information and information on the city. In the city, there are many different events occurring every day. As a means of detecting/sensing such occurring, participatory sensing solutions that let people (citizens and possibly additional visitors) report such events, from their own […]

Use Case 2 · Home Monitoring Security System for Ageing People (Santander, Spain)

Overall description Worldline proposes Senior Care for Use Case 2, an IoT platform that allows tele-assistance companies to digitalize their current services by using an innovative and secure platform to monitor the well-being of ageing network tele-assistance users, guaranteeing security and integrity of all the activity data collected from the home sensors deployed in an […]

Use Case 1 · Secured IoT devices to enrich strolls across smart city parks (Santander, Spain)

Overall description This pilot focuses on deploying IoT devices offering environmental information such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compounds, as well as an estimated measurement of the number of visitors in the Las Llamas park (Santander, north of Spain). This kind of information is significant to the well-being of the city’s inhabitants. Challenges […]

Use Case 3 · Secure and Trustworthy Mobile Sensing Platform (Fujisawa, Japan)

Overall description Use Case 3 is a pilot that builds a secure IoT platform for smart cities by integrating the multi-layer security assets of M-Sec partners based on the Keio mobile sensing platform that has been conducting demonstration experiments with Fujisawa City for more than 3 years. Challenges it addresses Use Case 3 has focused […]

Use Case 5 · Smart City Data Marketplace with Secure Multi-Layer Technologies

Overall description This pilot is a cross border trial, which will be implemented in Santander and Fujisawa. The M-Sec data marketplace is set up for citizens, companies, and municipalities to trade data collected in other use cases and valuable datasets on the internet to distribute data by ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Privacy of data […]

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