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About the M-SEC project

M-Sec is a collaborative project between the EU and Japan, strengthening connections in the technological spheres of Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Cloud computing. It stands for Multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyperconnected smart cities with Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud and IoT.

The main goal of M-Sec project is to research, develop, deploy and demonstrate multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyper connected smart cities and empower IoT stakeholders with an innovative platform which leverages blockchain, BigData, Cloud and IoT security, upon which they can build innovative smart city applications.

The project explores secure, interoperable interactions between IoT elements based on a holistic secured cloud/edge/IoT context within a future smart city. Overall, the M-Sec paradigm complements mainstream IoT/cloud technologies, through enabling the introduction and implementation of specific classes of applications and services, which are not efficiently supported by state-of-the-art architectures.

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