Author: Razvan Tosa

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M-Sec reaches final milestones after 3 years of providing security and integrity of data traffic in hyper-connected smart cities

Many data sources in the IoT and smart city domain may contain sensitive information that raises issues on privacy and data protection, such as cyber-attacks to city cameras and sensors, citizens mobile apps, companies’ servers, among others. M-Sec has concluded with 4 main results to ensure that security and integrity of data traffic in hyper-connected […]

Join the M-Sec and Fed4IoT projects joint final event and recap our main achievements

The M-Sec and Fed4IoT projects will organize next Wednesday 29th of September 2021 at 09h00-11h00am CET (Brussels Time) its joint final project event on “Advanced technologies for hyper-connected societies”. Sister-projects, both M-Sec and Fed4IoT aimed at research, develop and test advanced technologies combining security, IoT, cloud and BigData, and interoperable technologies of IoT devices/platforms in […]

Meet the 6 winners of the M-Sec Online Contest

With the organization of the Online Contest, the M-Sec Project was able to engage 13 teams and more than 30 participants from the industrial and academic sectors towards the adoption and/or development of the project findings, with the creation of new business ideas that, at the same time, addressed the smart city challenges of Santander […]

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